Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Moi first blog:)

Finally my very first blog!!! Being my first one...would love all my readers(if any do turn up to read this) to know a bit about tht u guys can decide whether u really wanna read the rest of my blogs;) Lets see,...why is talking about urself so hard to do???I cant seem to find anything to tell u about me rather than maybe, im a 'human being':D...hehe...i know what ur thinking right now!this isnt funny at all right???!Ah!Thts it!!!I have a very bad sense of humour(phew) Well, im just another ordinary gal trying to figure out whats goin' on in my life, where i'm heading to, whats keeping me alive in this insane world, what brought me here and why the hell am i typing crap right now!!! Im really sorry...just had an argument with a friend..nothing serious..stupid me!(as always) just a little moody,which is goin' to reflect badly here..but i need to publish this..coz its now or never!!!(me being the worlds no.1 procrastinator!)..wish i had shown as much interest in studyin! Lemme start with what i like and like doin'... 1) reading reading and more reading(im in love with books...wait!not boring theory books;)..but' Sheldon is my favourite:) one can beat him! 2) drawing an' painting(im not hussain bhai or anything:D...its just a past time and do it once in a while:) 3) playing the keyboard(i do that when im in a terrible mood!it really helps!) 4) listening to people talk(being a pretty silent person i prefer listening to u'll find me talking very rarely:)...except when im with close friends:D 5) thinking...(about anything and everything...i hope i dont sound like a maniac) 6) going for long walks with friends... 7) writing...(why do u think im here!) 8) listening to music...and the list goes on an' on...(lemme not bore u) At favourite!..Things i hate..hehe 1) unpunctuality(makes me lose my nerves..not that i am exactly punctual:D) 2) people who use the word f*** and a******...i simply hate thm...donno why! 3) boasting...(please dont mind coz i might run from the spot) 4) thats it..this list isnt endless like the one above...i can tolerate anything other than the above three:) I've written too much for a novice...and guess what???bloggin can be such an eye opener...coz i just realized im no good at writing!!!aargh!!!C ya