Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Comfort & Joy:)

I was skipping through the channels yesterday around 12 at midnight when i came across a movie in HBO named 'Comfort and Joy' (C&J) by Maggie Greenwald. Now that's the only time i get to watch TV in this age of megaserials where grandma and mom would be glued in front of the TV after 6 pm, shedding tears along with the 'saans and bahu'!!!:...So i usually keep myself as far as possible from the living room for fear of disturbing them in their melodramatic mood. Sometimes it makes me wonder how they do so!!!I find the emotional scenes funny rather than 'emotional'!..hehe Since i wasn't feeling sleepy, i decided on watching the rest of the movie though i've heard neither of the movie nor the director or the actors! ..but i'm really really glad i did! C&J was about a lady named Jane, beautiful, successful, ambitious but single trying to balance her life between her personal ambitions and private fulfillment and her dreams on owning a beautiful family someday. It's Christmas eve and she's returning home when her car crashes and her whole life suddenly takes a new turn. On regaining conscience, to her horror finds herself 10 years from now on Xmas eve married to a man named Sam and having 2 kids! She escapes home trying frantically to find out what happened to her past, only to her dismay she realizes that she no longer has a job, her apartment being occupied by someone else, her boyfriend being married to some other women and that her parents got re-married 5 years ago!!!:))..Even her drivers license has her new address on it! Confused and disheartened she returns 'home' to Sam and the kids trying to sink in the truth of what she was and what she has become now in an unbelieveable sort of way...when her kids exclaim 'mom has gone nuts'!!! :)) She spends the rest of Xmas with Sam and a family who are complete strangers to her only to find herself growing fond of them at the end of the day..realizing this was exactly she wanted her life to be... The movie ends obviously on the fact that Jane was dreaming, finding to her disbelief the man in her dreamz standing right in front of her!!!:)...how sweet!:) This reminds me of Dad trying to discuss with me on my future:D...on what i see for myself 5 years from now!!!Me being the 'perfect' daughter;), i've usually discouraged them coz it almost always ends in the common 'dad and adolescent daughter' quarrel:..and furthermore, leave alone 5 years from now, I havn't even thought about tommorrow which happens to be my physics improvement exam...hmmm:D So c ya later folks...!