Sunday, September 14, 2008

Picture Perfect

Photography has always interested me and I've always wanted to post some ofthe pics i click when i go places:).Either i never found them good enough or there weren't much of them to post.
Yesterday i happened to go to Veli with Mom and Dad as a part of our onam outings:D, and i actually went clicking while Mom and Dad talked about boring stuff(as usual), it was a good time-killer really, and i thought i should post some them here:).Pardon me, but i've edited the pics as a part of the 'beautification' process:D
After all, what is Veli without the big white 'shell':D
Some kind of 'reflection', i wanted to get that reflected tower actually:)
Flowers beside the pond:D More flowers:D
What is this supposed to be actually?..Ram standing against a wall?:D
Just a random shot..
I've never seen a sunflower for real, this was my favourite among all:)
Sunset through different angles, i must have got about 20 of them and had a hard time choosing which one to post..couldn't resist 3:)
You know what to do..Comment!:)