Sunday, September 14, 2008

Picture Perfect

Photography has always interested me and I've always wanted to post some ofthe pics i click when i go places:).Either i never found them good enough or there weren't much of them to post.
Yesterday i happened to go to Veli with Mom and Dad as a part of our onam outings:D, and i actually went clicking while Mom and Dad talked about boring stuff(as usual), it was a good time-killer really, and i thought i should post some them here:).Pardon me, but i've edited the pics as a part of the 'beautification' process:D
After all, what is Veli without the big white 'shell':D
Some kind of 'reflection', i wanted to get that reflected tower actually:)
Flowers beside the pond:D More flowers:D
What is this supposed to be actually?..Ram standing against a wall?:D
Just a random shot..
I've never seen a sunflower for real, this was my favourite among all:)
Sunset through different angles, i must have got about 20 of them and had a hard time choosing which one to post..couldn't resist 3:)
You know what to do..Comment!:)


Hari said...

Awesome pics!! Hey, editing pics is nothing bad, trust me! And your mastery over photoshop is quite evident in all your photos.

The second last sunset pic is my fav, among all!

You have a keen eye for good angles and framing. It's evident in all the pics! Expecting more photo-posts here. :D

Hari said...

And yeah, there's lot of space between the last line of your post and the 'footer' section. Do rectify it.

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Nice photo's! Loved the Sunflower! But what was the "flowers beside the pond" all about?

Regarding the sculptures in the pond, well it's better left unsaid! Kanaayi Kunjiraamnde oro vikurthikal :)

Nice angles with the sunset :D

Hari said...

You're tagged! :P