Sunday, April 05, 2009

The 8 'Babes' (Back Benchers) :P

College days are coming to (I hate to say this) sadly, an end. Hardly 3 more months and I can call myself an Engineer (i.e. if I still don’t have stuff to clear :D)

The past 4 years has simply been the best years of my life till date, and it’s only going to be memories that I’m gonna take back. The suppli’s (my Hutch dog :p), the under sessionals, the awful PTA meetings dad used to attend (one of my “favorite” teacher even complained I didn’t draw the diagrams neatly in my assignment! much for taking the pains to draw even a few :D), RSM’s chori, Undakanni’s theppu, PN junction’s soapiffication, Orkut spyings n the list goes on…

What I’ll miss most is the 8 awesome friends that made college worth going to, each of them special in their own way. Think of them and a million incidents come to mind which I don’t intend to lose as I grow older and get diognised with alcheimers :D. So I’ve decided to put them here so that a few years down the lane I can come back and cherish all those wonderful days :)

But before I begin it is necessary that I give a short intro on the Royal 9 (including me), so I’m gonna use a fa├žade over their names (and mine :D) just to make things more interesting (and to save face :D)

1)Confused : That used to be the usual expression on her face since I met her in S3, thought it’d be permanent but fortunately it’s changed (a little) now, but traces still remain :P..always happy, bubbly and giggly, makes her the sweetest person in our group :), but her laughing genes seems to have grown a bit extra than the usual which makes her fall prey to most of our lecturers..crack a joke by mistake during class hour n she’ll be the only one laughing head over heels for more time than necessary..and if she’s sitting next to Unicorn (the humor queen), pinne parayanda!..hehe

2)Unicorn : Wondering where that name came from?..well that’s what she calls a rhinoceros with a single horn..guess she actually thought it existed :P..the humor queen as I said, even I find it hard to not laugh during class.(And she has this wonderful capability of making all of us laugh while she sits with a straight face so innocently like nothing’s happened when the lecturer’s catch us)..Always upto some mischief (hides people’s mobiles, purses and other valuable stuff)..a very convincing prankster n sometimes a total gunda..excellent problem solver, usually the one who re-unites friends after a silly fight and that’s what I like best about her :)..her favourite line “shiksha neridan thayyarayiko” (get ready to face your punishment) ;)

3)Chinthabharam: She thinks she carries the problems of the whole world on her shoulders :P..her fate (as all of us agree): tension adichu chaakan (to die getting tensed)..”ayyo I didn’t get a sign on my assignment”..”ayyo did teacher take the attendance, I didn’t give my number”..”ayyo I didn’t do the homework” fortune if all’s well and there’s nothing left to get tensed about, that would be a reason enough for her :P..usually find her deep in serious thought with a frown on her face (God alone knows what she’s thinking about)..she’s cool otherwise, very loyal n you can trust her with anything :) except asking her to reach somewhere on time (punctuality not being her cup of tea, she can actually make you wait for around 2 hours and turn up like nothing’s happened) n yea the only person who actually bothers to listen to the lecture in class, take down notes and do problems..very convenient as we all copy from her :D

4)Day dreamer”(DD): She’s not just the day dreamer alone, but the morning, afternoon, evening and night dreamer too :P..the only married person among us, well you obviously know by now why she dreams so much ;)..usually find her looking outside the big window in our class lost in thought..the only time she’s in the present is when she’s hungry ;P, but even then what’s most surprising is she manages to get through all the subjects every sem (wonder where she gets all the time to study from after she’s done dreaming :P..stays at the hostel so if she gets even a half day break, packs her bag and runs home..and never gets back until a few days :)..and the only person who laughs at her out of the ordinary jokes is HP 50 ;)

5)”Putchi”: A permanent expression of “putcham” (contempt) on her face, not much of a change even in pics be it the passport size one’s, the class photos or the ones with us, its not hard to point her out ;)..very talented and creative when it comes to painting, blogging, photography and other stuff :)..not interested in lectures, you’ll find her head down immersed in her mobily, acknowledging our presence around her once in a while or cracking chalus n the one thing that makes her odd among us is her ultra shiny ultra glam ultra straight hair which the rest of us dream of owning one day :D

6)”HP 10”: The name comes from “Hence Proved (HP) mandi”..and she’s version 10 (because there’s another HP in the group who’s far worse than her)..she’s the one who thought people made PVC inner wear and actually searched google for it to give us proof :P..she thought people planted apple trees on the beach sand..and once she even frantically pointed out the drainage on the side of a road saying “ayyo karamana river alle”..=))..well you can imagine the rest..but all this aside, she’s a heap of ‘concept’, survives solely on that and the certified bhuji among us :P..if we are the 6 point people when it comes to GPA’s she’s the only 7 point in the lot!..n yea you’ll usually find her giggling when she’s sitting right next to unicorn :P

8)”Atomic kitten”(AK) : She’s the tiniest and the cutest in our group and even looks like a kitten :) wanna convey something to her, you’ll have to tap and shake her to catch attention cos she’s a little too less her from a distance of a few metres, every other person in the vicinity would respond but her :P (truly speaking..very absent minded..yelling and screaming seriously has no effect on the gal)..usually lost in thought during class hours, she’d probably be thinking about eating potato chips at home ;)..easily the most helpful gal among us, she’d draw block diagrams and figures for our records and assignments without any fuss :)

9)”HP 50”: The name was a unanimous and easy decision by the 8 above :D..a caption saying “version updated every week” was also attached :P..This gal is such a mandi, one would wonder how she’d survive in this highly competitive highly complicated planet earth..If HP 10 can say stuff like given above, this one’s of a totally different level, pretty hard to explain..very gullible and she’d laugh at anything anyone says, unicorn as usual being the devil :P..that aside she loves dancing, she’s really friendly, very approachable..despise listening to boring lectures so whiles away her time playing on EP’s or AK’s mobile or messaging gf’s in other colleges :D

So there you go..the 9 extraordinary last benchers in my class :)..the incidents in the following posts are gonna be even more interesting as all the above come into action :P
For once I think I’m gonna find blogging more fun to do starting today ;)
See you all for now :)