Sunday, July 12, 2009


It's been over a month since my final sem exams got over n here i am, jobless, swatting flies with nothing to do but wonder where i'll be a few years down the lane. Probably still be sitting here in the same position with nothing better to do but blog, n still be talking about how jobless and bored and lazier i've become. Sigh!

Anyways all the senti stuff apart (the above was just a personal update :P) , I recently happened to hear this really funny (funny would be an understatement) or rather a side splitting incident which actually made me think a bit on the situation of our so called 'engineers' today.

Not so long ago, there were just a few count-on-your-fingers Engineering colleges in kerala where only the creme de la creme or the elite students would go to. Dad wanted to become an engineer and even got admission to one of the colleges but due to financial problems at home he couldn't fulfill his dream (instead made up for it by turning both his daughters into not-so-bad engineers :P)
And the students that graduated then were well in demand and i should think they really knew what they wanted or what they were doing unlike us, ok let's say me, who'd have no idea if someone asked me (because all i get these days are questions from neighbours, peers, relatives, folks, and even from the milkman :, in various forms) as follows:

Neighbour: Engineering aayallo..ini entha paripaadi?Kalyanam okke alochichu thodangiyo? (Engineering course's over you must be free..what do u plan to do next..did your parents start looking for a suitable groom!)

Milkman: Molke ippo college onnum illalle..course kayinju alle..ini entha paripaadi?

Cousin: Lucky chechi..course kayinjallo..aduthathe entha paripaadi?

Dad: What next? We need to sit and discuss a few things soon..(ok this is what totally takes the hell out of me, discussions with dad never end on a very nice note)

N so i've totally retreated into my room for fear of having to face such a situation again. I never had an answer to the above questions until i discovered the one answer that'd save me for maybe a month more.."i'm awaiting the results" :D..phew..that does the trick..but then i got peace of mind only till the day the results came out..and then i get a new set of questions:

Neighbour: What's your aggregate?

Dad: Applying for jobs is gonna be tough with an aggregate like this..what do u think you were doing all these 4 years?! I think we need to discuss.

N the questions don't end..people in trivandrum love minding other people's business so much that they forget theirs..whatever!
Ok now i'm going off track about what i really wanted to post here (this is what happens when i blog after such a long time, i have a million things to write about n i HAVE to include it in the same post :D)

A few months back we had the BSNL JTO exam, which i'm sure whoever reading this post wrote it too coz

1. If what i heard is right) around 40k or more students applied for the exam in Kerala alone n i'm even more sure BSNL made a huge amount out of the poor students charging 750 per head. Around 3 crores..woah! Debatable i guess.
2. Every other person i talked to that evening, had just one thing to say-"Never in my life am i gonna write this damn thing again-F*** BSNL-F*** JTO-To hell with them :P" You know what i mean :) I even had a friend saying "I'm never gonna 'APPLY' for a gov service exam until i'm prepared to 'APPEAR' for it :))..that was the best comment i've heard so far :D

Anyways 'Confused (C)' (read my previous post to know who 'confused' is :D) , 'Atomic Kitten (AK)' and 1 other gal were heading to their Examination centres early that day. It was a government HS school located in the heart of the city.

Another day as usual for C and AK. Nothing to worry about (coz anyways we aren't prepared..i mean who is? :P), the only concern being the fact that they aren't allowed to leave the halls until the exam is over ;) (we are so used to doing this at college, leaving an hour and 45 mins before the exam is over i.e for a 2 hour paper :P that we think it should be something applicable to all exams whatsoever :D..c'mon we have better things to do..text people..catch up on PD's..what's cooking at the canteen..etc).

So there they are, making their way to the centre, mocking people who bury their heads in textbooks; "ivarkonnum vere pani ille..cheh" (don't these guys have any other job); "nammale kandu padikku, book um illa, paper um illa, pen um illa" :P (learn from us, we neither have books nor papers or pens).

Now this school happened to have a map of India drawn somewhere near the entrance (or so i heard). This catches C's attention and she calls out to AK and the 2 other gals to take a look at it. There was ample time left for the exam to begin and so the 3 book-less, paper-less beings need to kill time and so make a stop there. C as usual is happy, excited and bubbly (her usual self) and this is how the conversation goes:

C: (Taking a good look at the map, witha serious look on her face asks) "India il ethra states ondennu aarkenkilum ariyao?" (Does anyone know how many states there are in India?)

AK, and the other gal seem clueless.

Other Gal: "Why don't we take a count?"
AK: "Athu sheriya, enganum JTO de GK section il chodichalo, chodikan chance um onde. Ini aa oru question answer cheythilennu vechu JTO pass aayilennu venda" :P

And so the 3 of them start counting on their own, squinting, careful not to miss out on any of the states.

Suddenly C seems to be doubtful about something. She looks at the map again to make sure she isn't dreaming. Making up her mind she looks at the other 2 and asks (in a dead serious tone),

C: "Enthade ee 'Bangladesh" maathram India de veliyil kidakunne???"

AK looks like she'll faint and the other gal is on the verge of a heart attack.
2 guys who've come to write the exam, and pass by the scene of the incident n who happen to 'unfortunately' overhear them are like -'!!!'
You know what i mean :P

Well, jokes apart, C now works at a software firm where she got in recently while i rant on about stuff, jobless. Now you know (or rather i know), GK and wordly affairs are not all that matter. It's all about's left to you :)

PS: This post was just another 'oh-i'm-so-bored-that-i-decided-to-blog' crap. I've exaggerated a bit, but the incidents are real. :D C's never read my blog, not even once i'm sure, so i guess i'm safe ;) And if u do, C, your still the sweetest person ever :D ;)