Wednesday, November 22, 2006


At last!!! My 3rd sem university exams have come:(...not that i was awaiting them...they're here, like a bunch of uninvited guests!!! As everyone says..they test your knowledge(my most limited wealth:D)..your skill(on making a sentence an essay)..your memory(the amount that you can by heart) and what not?!' i should add, they test my patience too..! Had a chat with kavi(my pal) today..both of us complained together on why we have to bear with's as though they keep haunting us down in various forms...class tests, series, improvement series, university exams, improvement exams...DUH! An' am i actually doin' any sort of work for 'improving'...don't ask!there' no question about it...wonder if anyone is, well maybe a handful of them(sorry..that's not an excuse:D) i said in my earlier blogs, im procrastinator no.1! Exams haven't made me any better..i've lost the urge to study..donno why..they've made me even more lazier since entering college..and whats worse???...postpone them to a furthur date, the more happier i am coz now i have more time to waste and waste an' waste..... But i ain' t a couch potato..thank God for that!..i love doing anything other than studying:D! Woke up at 7 today(amazing me)..had to visit the doc for my cold that hasnt left me for about 2 weeks now..went for our last class(S3) at maths tuition..(wonder why i go there now..i dont understand a word)..its like iv've found a way out to distract myself from the terrifying thought of exams..kind of a 'feel better' distraction!..came home at 2..obviously tired physically..not mentally though(dont remember the last time i paid attention in class:D)..had a long nap..and finally opened my maths text at 6:00..thats the only subject that isn't greek in S3..and it wasn't long before i started yawning..fought to bring myself to reality..nah!unsuccessful!!! So finally decided to do what i like doin' most..write:) vent out my frustrations on this ruthless killing of youth..and their energy..feels like i've gotten something evil outta me..but that doesn't keep the D-Day from finding me:(..MONDAY!!!..96 hours from now...isnt' that kewl..and an ocean of syllabus to cover..hmm! I guess that's it...wish me 'LUCK'..will be needing it in abundance starting next week:)..c ya!

Friday, November 03, 2006

What a gr8 day!!!

Had a grrrrr88888 day today!!!!! The day turned out so' that too very unexpectedly:) Woke up today morning hoping at least today would turn out 'not bad'..coz i've stopped hopin' for good days...there arnt just any:( Got in class right in time at 8:45..first hour was EC(oh no!!!)..even before i could settle down..."roll no 50 tell me wht are oscillators?"(almost jumped outta my seat)..hadn't it been for the gal sittin' next to me, i would have been the 'out'standing student of the day!phew! Had 3 whole hours of lab..and the day wasn't gettin' any better..the DC source wasn't workin'..the pot had some fault..we weren't gettin' the output and all in all everythin' was getting on my nerves..including the lab assistant(who knows nothing but to scream at us)!!! Finally to my relief..the bell went at 12:45..leaving the lab was like leavin' hell behind!..but i still had my maths assignment to write..being a procrastinator i usually do them at college..dont be surprised! Poor me..had to eat with 1 hand and write with the other..thank god i had a spoon:D It was then that kavi suggested we cut the afternoon class an go to the University to submit our improvement forms..that sounded like a kool idea..far better than sittin' for SSD an' NA!!! Thanks to one of my wonderful and considerate pals..she said she would complete the rest of the assign. for me..i rushed out with kavi and 2 other gals to the bus stop..hoping the princi hadn't seen us bunk! While we were of our classmates(mega) called on kavis phone tellin us we needed the princi's signature without which the form wouldnt be considered valid...wht the hell man!!!..angry at ourselves an' determined not to go back to class;)..we decided to head home..but as a last resort, the other gal who was with us called up her brother to enquire..he said we didn't need anything of the signature sort...phew!!! Smilin' at our victory..we boarded the bus to our destination:):) The towering yellow building somehow made me smile..not that i really liked the place(coz it always reminds me of my exams: We went to the fee counter..had arguments over filling up the form..even though we've done it before..collected our receipt and consulted the security standing near the commissioner of exam buliding..had to call him uncle(he was a grandpa actually)..for our sake so that he wouldn't scream at us for our silly doubts..asked us to buy an envelope from some 'ammachi'..went round searchin' for her..finally found her outside the gate..went back to 'uncle' with fired for not puttin' the receipt along with the form..i got fired for sittin' on some place beside the fired again for not writing the 'application for what on the envelope' short got fired for practically every single thing! All this running around had exhausted us an' we were bankrupt too..didnt know improving was a costly affair..that's an' indirect punishment for bein' lazy:(..went to the canteen..had coffee..felt like heaven..walked round the whole place wasting our time..listened to a hell lot of comments(was really funny though)..whatsoever had a great time! We didnt have to sit for boring SSD or NA..its like sittin' for a greek an' latin class..guess this is what college life is all about..after passin' out what are the odds that we get oppurtunities like this ever again???an' that too with our very own dear pals:)..was imagining mega's expression when we tell her of our adventure:))..C ya